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DIY Outdoor Storage Benches Ideas

Do you want to maximize the small area in your garden or make it more organized? Do you often find yourself complaining about not having a place to unwind in your yard? The answer to that is having outdoor storage benches. You can even make one yourself. Here are some DIY outdoor storage benches ideas you can try. All of the tutorials and steps can be found online.
You can try making an outdoor bench with hidden storage and a backrest. This is perfect if you tend to work in your garden throughout the day. When you feel tired, you can easily sit back and take a short break.
A patio storage device with wheels is another DIY …

Hardy Tropical Plants Worth Growing

Tropical plants are great additions to gardens. That is because they give an exotic vibe and an amazing blend of different colors and textures. Here some good hardy tropical plants ideas.
Palms are often seen in hotels located in tropical areas. The Windmill Palm is the coldest hard palm that is planted in the US. It is a challenge to plant it in zone 7. Therefore, precautions in frigid weather should be done. It often grows 10 to 20 feet tall with partial exposure to the sun. You can plant it in a big container.
Annual Vinca
This flowering bed plant is tough to grow …

The Best Garden Seed Catalogs in 2021

Finding a store to purchase garden seeds, plants, and tools is one of the most challenging for many gardeners. It can be more difficult since many are available online. Here are some of the best garden seed catalogs for 2021 worth checking out.
Park Seed
This is one of the most well-known garden seed catalogs. It always has a great flower and vegetable seeds selection. You can also purchase nice herbs. The prices are great and there are many seeds in each packet. Moreover, the seeds are fresh all the time. It also ships fast. You can purchase plants from this store, too.
Burpee Seed Catalog…

Great Gift Ideas for People Who Love Gardening

If you need gift ideas for family or friends who enjoy gardening, we got you. Here are some great gift ideas for every garden lover. They are so nice that you will likely want one for yourself.

You can gift concrete planter pots. These are ideal for those who just started gardening. These usually come in a set of 2 and shipment could be free. Choose the ones that are neutral and aesthetic. Some sets have pots that are a little different in design.
A handwoven belly basket is also great if you have a limited budget. It is pretty and you have a lot of designs to choose from. A normal houseplant can become an attractive …

Simple DIY Outdoor Firewood Racks

Firewood is messy, so it could introduce some bugs. The ideal solution for this is to make a DIY outdoor firewood rack. Having one is beneficial because you can keep your wood neatly. You can also ensure that they are clean and dry and you save more because you can buy in bulk. Here are some easy DIY ideas to make an outdoor firewood rack.
You can make a DIY rolling firewood rack so that you can have easy storage and access to your wood. You can roll them out as well. It is great because you can easily clean behind and around the pile of wood. As a result, it prevents unwanted creatures from coming in.
Another idea is to lay …

Helpful Tips for DIY Greenhouse Projects

Making a DIY greenhouse can make the growing season longer. Also, you can breed more plants from your garden and allow you to grow sensitive plants that could be difficult to grow. There are many DIY greenhouse project ideas available from a temporary frame to a full-size greenhouse in your yard. If you plan to build one, you should know these helpful tips first.

Place your greenhouse and make sure it runs lengthwise from east to west. That is because this will make it possible to get much sunlight every day.
Your greenhouse should get at least 6 hours of exposure to sunlight during winter.
If you want …

Steps on How to Make a Garden Arbor

In terms of decorative appeal, an arbor is versatile in your garden since it can be an entry, a centerpiece, or a structure to build a swing. If you are interested, here are some easy steps on how to DIY a garden arbor.
Step 1
You will be using 10-foot long 4×4 posts so that these can be dug at least 2 feet into the ground. You use a post hole digger to dig 2 holes that have a distance of 5 feet. This is where the arbor will stand. You put gravel at the bottom part of the hold so that there will be good drainage. Place the posts into the holes and put 2 bags of concrete in every hole. Partly fill them with water, level…

Good Cottage Garden Plants to Plant in Gardens in the US

Cottage gardens in the US are as great as English cottage gardens. Nevertheless, only a few places in the US outside of the Pacific Northwest have the ideal weather to grow plants for a traditional English cottage garden.
We have here some of the famous cottage plants and the season they bloom. Just remember that you need to water them regularly in the first year so that you can establish their root systems. After that, these plants become resistant to drought and can have beautiful blooms.

Yarrow (all summer)
Purple Coneflower (July onwards)
Boltonia (late summer)
Perennial Sunflower (all …

Desert Garden and Landscape Inspirations

Do you dream of having an oasis in the comfort of your own home? This could be a problem if you live in a desert environment. Here are some ideas on how you can design, plant, and grow your desert garden.
Know Your Zone and the Type of Desert Garden
All places have various zones and weather conditions. A desert is simply not only a desert. Therefore, it is important to determine your area and pick out your plants from there. You can do this by visiting your local nursery. You will have a better understanding of your zone and the quality of soil there. Moreover, they can advise you on how to grow your chosen plants.

Easy Steps on Laying Sod

If you need a new lawn or need to fix or replace it, the best way to do it is to lay sod. The key here is preparation. Here are the easy steps and tips on laying sod.

Till your soil 6 inches deep on the weekend before you receive your sod or borrow a rototiller. Make the area you want to sod by using a metal rake and make sure to break big chunks and water after.
If possible, request to have the sod delivered in the morning. Lightly water the sod to prevent them from drying.
Lay the first row of sods. You can do this on your yard’s longest yard. Make sure that the ends of the sod strips come in contact but …