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Easy Steps on Laying Sod

Easy Steps on Laying Sod

If you need a new lawn or need to fix or replace it, the best way to do it is to lay sod. The key here is preparation. Here are the easy steps and tips on laying sod.

  1. Till your soil 6 inches deep on the weekend before you receive your sod or borrow a rototiller. Make the area you want to sod by using a metal rake and make sure to break big chunks and water after.
  2. If possible, request to have the sod delivered in the morning. Lightly water the sod to prevent them from drying.
  3. Lay the first row of sods. You can do this on your yard’s longest yard. Make sure that the ends of the sod strips come in contact but do not overlap.
  4. Place the next row of sods. To fit the strips, you can use a sharp garden knife.
  5. After all the rows of sods are laid, gently walk over so that the seams come in contact with the soil. Use sprinklers to water them.

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