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Good Cottage Garden Plants to Plant in Gardens in the US

Good Cottage Garden Plants to Plant in Gardens in the US

Cottage gardens in the US are as great as English cottage gardens. Nevertheless, only a few places in the US outside of the Pacific Northwest have the ideal weather to grow plants for a traditional English cottage garden.

We have here some of the famous cottage plants and the season they bloom. Just remember that you need to water them regularly in the first year so that you can establish their root systems. After that, these plants become resistant to drought and can have beautiful blooms.

  • Yarrow (all summer)
  • Purple Coneflower (July onwards)
  • Boltonia (late summer)
  • Perennial Sunflower (all summer)
  • Coreopsis (all summer)
  • Zing Rose Dianthus (all summer)
  • Globe Thistle (late summer)
  • Gaura (all summer)
  • Gloriosa Daisy (mid-summer onwards)
  • Daylily (some all summer)
  • Lavender (late spring to early summer)
  • Blazing Star (late summer to fall)
  • Mallow (all summer)
  • Catmint (early summer)
  • Evening primrose (all summer)
  • Beardtongue (all summer)
  • Russian Sage (late summer)
  • Creeping Phlox (spring)
  • Butterfly Bush (mid-summer to fall)
  • Lilac (spring)
  • Blue Mist Shrub (mid to late summer)

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