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Steps on How to Make a Garden Arbor

Steps on How to Make a Garden Arbor

In terms of decorative appeal, an arbor is versatile in your garden since it can be an entry, a centerpiece, or a structure to build a swing. If you are interested, here are some easy steps on how to DIY a garden arbor.

Step 1

You will be using 10-foot long 4×4 posts so that these can be dug at least 2 feet into the ground. You use a post hole digger to dig 2 holes that have a distance of 5 feet. This is where the arbor will stand. You put gravel at the bottom part of the hold so that there will be good drainage. Place the posts into the holes and put 2 bags of concrete in every hole. Partly fill them with water, level it, and fill it all the way.

Step 2

Take measurements for each post 7 feet off the ground and place a marking. Using a saw, cut both posts to get the same height.

Step 3

Use screws and drill to connect each 2×6 to the side of every post located above. You need to make sure that they overhand equally on every side.

Step 4

You can add more decoration by cutting off the ends. You can also leave it as it is.

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