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Helpful Tips for DIY Greenhouse Projects

Helpful Tips for DIY Greenhouse Projects

Making a DIY greenhouse can make the growing season longer. Also, you can breed more plants from your garden and allow you to grow sensitive plants that could be difficult to grow. There are many DIY greenhouse project ideas available from a temporary frame to a full-size greenhouse in your yard. If you plan to build one, you should know these helpful tips first.

  • Place your greenhouse and make sure it runs lengthwise from east to west. That is because this will make it possible to get much sunlight every day.
  • Your greenhouse should get at least 6 hours of exposure to sunlight during winter.
  • If you want electricity in your greenhouse, you have to build it close to the power source.
  • Place it far from your children’s play areas.
  • You need to place a functioning thermometer in your DIY greenhouse. Unless you have automatic ventilation, you need to closely monitor the temperature. The minimum internal temperature in winter is around 45 to 60 degrees for your plant to actively grow. Also, it is recommended to keep the vents open so that air can decrease rising temperatures.

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