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The Best Garden Seed Catalogs in 2021

The Best Garden Seed Catalogs in 2021

Finding a store to purchase garden seeds, plants, and tools is one of the most challenging for many gardeners. It can be more difficult since many are available online. Here are some of the best garden seed catalogs for 2021 worth checking out.

Park Seed

This is one of the most well-known garden seed catalogs. It always has a great flower and vegetable seeds selection. You can also purchase nice herbs. The prices are great and there are many seeds in each packet. Moreover, the seeds are fresh all the time. It also ships fast. You can purchase plants from this store, too.

Burpee Seed Catalog

Aside from being a vibrant seed catalog, Burpee offers a lot of seeds. If you like to plant vegetables, it is highly recommended to check out its selection of vegetable seeds. Every year, it has new selections that are unbeatable. Besides seeds, it also sells gardening items and plants.

Annie’s Heirloom Seeds

The store has over 600 non-GMO and natural heirloom seeds to choose from. It also has vegetable and flower seeds. Moreover, shipping is fast. If you prefer going organic, this can be the perfect garden seed catalog for you.

Johnnys Selected Seeds

Johnnys not only has a wide selection of seeds on their site but also has guides and tips there. It has been in the industry for a long time, so you know you are getting quality seeds. It is also interesting to know that employees run the company.

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