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Welcome! Simply Gardening is one of our 3 blogs. We try our best to share the wonderful world of DIY garden decorating. From time to time, we also showcase several projects of our own. We started with a decorating newsletter. From there, we expanded into 3 blogs.

We aim to provide a platform for plant enthusiasts, plant and craft lovers, gardeners, people who love to cook and eat, travellers, builders, and anyone curious about everything decorating and gardening.

Ever since Simply Gardening was launched in 2001, it has developed to cater to new and different kinds of gardeners. We focus on redefining people’s relationships with plants in modern times. Our easy and contemporary approach considers the environment, art, humor, style, and modesty. Therefore, we want our readers to explore and enjoy doing DIY and growing plants without the need to follow conventional gardening ideas.

Being inspired and creating new things from your passion is the core of Simply Gardening. We love what we do which is why we take pride in ourselves. We always work hard to provide quality content and maintain a balance in our lives. Though we are all busy with our families and other responsibilities, making Simply Gardening possible works for us. We just hope that all our hard work helps our readers.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to reach out to us!