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Where, How, and When Do I Plant Roses?

Are you planning to plant roses in your garden? Continue reading to know where, how, and when to plant these blooms.
Where to Plant Roses
The first consideration is where your zone is. You can know your garden zone by checking out the map, your area’s zip code, or by visiting garden.org. Second, you decide what part of your garden you want to plant your roses. Keep in mind that they need to be under direct sunlight for 4 to 6 hours each and enough space.
How to Plant to Roses
After you picked the area to plant your roses, you dig a hole bigger than the plant’s root ball. Then, you place some bone at the …

How to Succeed in Square Foot Gardening

Many do square foot gardening to grow vegetables, greens, and herbs in a limited space. It saves effort, water, money, and seed, but it provides healthier crops that you can easily harvest. Here is how to do square foot gardening.

Create a square foot gardening grid system by using strings, stakes, or stones to create lines that will be used as a guide on where you plant.
Plant 2 to 3 seeds or a single transplant on each grid if you have large plants. For small plants such as leaf lettuce, you can plant 6 plants or more on each grid. Keep in mind to plant tall plants on the north or east part of the box so that short …