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Simple DIY Outdoor Firewood Racks

Firewood is messy, so it could introduce some bugs. The ideal solution for this is to make a DIY outdoor firewood rack. Having one is beneficial because you can keep your wood neatly. You can also ensure that they are clean and dry and you save more because you can buy in bulk. Here are some easy DIY ideas to make an outdoor firewood rack.
You can make a DIY rolling firewood rack so that you can have easy storage and access to your wood. You can roll them out as well. It is great because you can easily clean behind and around the pile of wood. As a result, it prevents unwanted creatures from coming in.
Another idea is to lay …

Helpful Tips for DIY Greenhouse Projects

Making a DIY greenhouse can make the growing season longer. Also, you can breed more plants from your garden and allow you to grow sensitive plants that could be difficult to grow. There are many DIY greenhouse project ideas available from a temporary frame to a full-size greenhouse in your yard. If you plan to build one, you should know these helpful tips first.

Place your greenhouse and make sure it runs lengthwise from east to west. That is because this will make it possible to get much sunlight every day.
Your greenhouse should get at least 6 hours of exposure to sunlight during winter.
If you want …

Steps on How to Make a Garden Arbor

In terms of decorative appeal, an arbor is versatile in your garden since it can be an entry, a centerpiece, or a structure to build a swing. If you are interested, here are some easy steps on how to DIY a garden arbor.
Step 1
You will be using 10-foot long 4×4 posts so that these can be dug at least 2 feet into the ground. You use a post hole digger to dig 2 holes that have a distance of 5 feet. This is where the arbor will stand. You put gravel at the bottom part of the hold so that there will be good drainage. Place the posts into the holes and put 2 bags of concrete in every hole. Partly fill them with water, level…